Published by Piquant Editions, April 2011

Available at Amazon and on Kindle

This is my first novel for children (and everyone else!) and was launched in May 2011.  One review has called it: “a glorious fantastical mixture…, this is a work of genius, fun, surprising… thought-provoking” (the goodbookstall.org.uk), and another has called it “inspirational… visual, humorous and challenging… a classic for all ages” (equip.ivpbooks).  Revd Dr David Wenham, formerly Vice-Principal of Wycliffe Hall Oxford and Trinity College Bristol, has called it a “witty and imaginative book from a very able theologian” and Dr Elaine Storkey, President of Tearfund, has written “I loved it – oink, oink!”  I hope that someday this book will have its own website for children (www.pigsprogress.com) which will include a study guide to the book in the form of a Guest Blog by none other than Professor Piggins!

(Illustrated by Adela Slomski)

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