Oxford Walking Tour Guide
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Oxford Walking Tour Guide


Published by Heritage Tours Publications, 2006

This booklet has sold around seven thousand copies since 2006, mostly in Oxford bookshops, and has proved an excellent guide for those wanting a walking tour of the Oxford of the Inklings and Dorothy L Sayers.  It is also a great memento for people who have come along on my Inklings walking tours of Oxford.

In the past I have lead groups of up to 20 people at a time.  The tours were anything from an afternoon to most of a day, depending on how many pubs were included!  I have led tours for groups from Wycliffe Hall Oxford, Oxford University C S Lewis Society, Trinity College Bristol, Howard Payne University (Texas), Lee University (Tennessee), DeSales University (Pennsylvania), as well as numerous other universities and individuals.

2 thoughts on “OXFORD TOURS

  1. Hi Jeanette!

    My name is Vinicius Datori. I twenty years old and a huge Tolkien and Lewis’s brazilian fan.
    I’ve watched a YouTube video from a Brazilian channel called “Tolkien Talk” about your booklet and fell in love with it. I tried to find it in Amazon and even in other online book stores, but I got nothing.

    I would love to have this book in my collection, but since I can’t afford to travel abroad I was wondering if is it possible to buy a digital version of it?

    With regards,
    Vinícius Datori Barbosa.

    • Hi! So sorry not to reply earlier – I haven’t used my website for a while! Unfortunately the Oxford guide is out of print and there is no digital version as yet, but I hope to produce a version of it in the (probably fairly distant) future! Thank you for your appreciation.

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